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Work together to defeat mental illness, inspire hope and have fun!

CAMH One Brave Night for Mental Health™ is a Canada-wide challenge to share one night — April 7 — to inspire hope for the 1 in 5 Canadians living with mental illness in any given year, including the 500,000 Canadians who are away from work on any given day due to mental illness. According to a recent Ipsos report, 60% of Canadians believe that companies should support mental health. By participating in CAMH One Brave Night, your company will help defeat mental illness and inspire hope for all Canadians.

A meaningful team building activity that’s easy to plan.

There are many ways to customize CAMH One Brave Night for your company — the challenge is virtual, flexible and can be built to fit with your company’s culture. Use this checklist and this poster to help shape your challenge and get your colleagues or staff excited about getting involved!

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When your company team joins CAMH One Brave Night, you will have access to tools like posters, flyers and payroll buck slips that will make getting everyone on board easy. Contact Jennifer Hearn if you are interested in getting more information to help support your One Brave Night.

Plus, to support your internal wellness initiatives, we’ve created a wellness page that you can share with your entire team and employee base.

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How other companies have created their One Brave Night:

CAMH Team dancing

A CAMH team, The Collaborative for South Asian Mental Health, held a midnight Bollywood dancing session.

PointClickCare iron chef

PointClickCare had a whole evening of activities lined up, including ‘Iron Chef’ team building!

Car wash

This corporate team held a car wash!

Bake Sale

Several companies had bake sales and dress down days leading up to the big night.

Idea Inspiration

Use the weeks leading up to CAMH One Brave Night on April 7 to engage your team and colleagues in fundraising activities to drive awareness and results:

On April 7, here are some ideas to make marking the end of the challenge meaningful:

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presented at the Fall 2016 Companies & Causes Conference